What is microcement?

  • Hard-wearing & waterproof (great resistance to shock, scratches, chemicals)

  • Seamless finish (no joints)

  • Can be applied nearly anywhere

  • Wide variety of colours and textures

  • Anti slip

  • Handcrafted application giving personalised result

  • Easy maintenance (clean with warm water and a ph neutral soap)

  • Great alternative to bathroom tiles/laminate/resin floors or polished concrete

  • High adhesion ( bonds to almost any surface)

  • Often not necessary to remove existing tiles/flooring/kitchen worktops (can be applied straight on top)

Microcement is an extremely versatile cement based coating which can be applied over almost any existing surface and provides a modern sleek look. Its unique properties give the solidity of concrete with the pliability of a more durable and less brittle substance. Microcement is currently one of the foremost trending decorative styles globally. It is a continuous jointless coating which makes for easy cleaning and is a unique texture which is hardwearing, waterproof and heatproof making it a perfect choice for bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens, swimming pools and more. It is an excellent alternative to tiles, laminate, resin or polished concrete with more notable benefits. It’s an excellent choice in both domestic and commercial enviroments.

bathroom micro.jpg

Where can microcement be used?

Microcement is suitable both interior and exterior for covering large areas such as walls, floors and ceilings to completely re-invent entire rooms or for smaller purposes such giving old kitchen work tops a new high-end look. Microcement can be applied over virtually any existing surfaces in or around a building and at around 2-4mm thick, it is sometimes not necessary to remove any existing tiles/flooring/worktops as its high adhesion properties mean it can be applied straight on top. On new-build projects, all modern construction materials are suitable to have microcement applied to them. These include sand and cement screed, anhydrite screed, dry lining, plaster, wood boards including MDF and plywood, cement board, and all types of levelling screed both cementitious and latex.

Seamless microcement finish

One of the most important design points of microcement is that it offers a continuous seamless application which aligns with contemporary and modernistic trends, and with absolutely no joints, grout lines or interruption lines it is very easy to clean by using warm water and a PH neutral soap.

Bespoke microcement finish

Microcement is extremely customisable allowing it to suit your preferred aesthetic design. There is a large variation of colours to choose from along with different design patterns and textures that can be achieved with the handcrafted application. There are also different varnish finishes and glazes to choose from. Due to this wide array of choices on different aspects of the design along with its labour-intensive and handcrafted application, no two finishes are ever the same which makes every project unique.

bathroom micro 2.jpeg

Great alternative to polished concrete!

Unlike polished concrete, which has a thickness of between 5-7 centimetres, microcement is more economical as it can be applied between 2-3 millimetres and provides a definitively lower structural weight. This way, the structural load of the property is not affected. It also removes the need to spend on concrete materials and heavy machinery

Microcement application process

The process isn’t messy, and it doesn’t produce much noise or debris meaning little disruption to households during application. Application usually takes three to five days dependent on the size of the area and traffic on the newly coated surface should be prohibited until after a week from the day of the final coat.

 Where domestic environments are concerned, there is no problem if at a later date you choose to redecorate or renovate the living area in which microcement has previously been installed. Microcement is highly versatile meaning you’re open to change your mind in the future if you wish to alter the colour, tone and/or design finish of your flooring system. What is more, if you decide in later years that your micro-cement flooring isn’t in line with your current interior design or the latest trends, you have the option to install almost any flooring system on-top of micro-cement.

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